The Hampton Roads MLS


Real Estate Information Network (REIN) is a broker-owned Multiple Listing Service with more than 700 broker firms and nearly 9,000 active members.

What is a Multiple Listing Service?

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a database of properties for sale in a region. Brokers share and access this information, with the goal of connecting homebuyers and home sellers. We serve as the MLS for the Hampton Roads region. 

Local Listings You Can Trust

Find a Home

REIN also hosts a listing site for buyers and sellers. Looking for a home or property in the Hampton Roads region? Not all real estate listing sites are created equal. We have the most updated listings for sale and for rent. 


REIN MLS is a broker-owned MLS with more than 670 broker firms and 10,000 members. Our Hampton Roads service area spans from northeastern North Carolina up to Richmond, and we have offices in Virginia Beach, Hampton & Tri-Cities.