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Introducing the In The Know Campaign

We know how valuable the MLS is, even if we often take it for granted. But here’s the thing: we can’t take it for granted any longer.  As disruptors continue to move into the real estate marketplace, the MLS is being challenged. If we want to preserve the efficient real estate market the MLS creates, we need to educate consumers on how the partnership benefits them.

The Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) has created a consumer campaign to help you tell the MLS story in a way that enhances your value as an agent or a broker. The campaign is based on two principles:

The MLS provides the bedrock of information that millions of people depend on to make smart real estate decisions.
The vast majority of home sales happen by real estate brokers and agents working together on the MLS, not because of portals, websites, or apps.

How to Use this Information

We've created promotional assets to help you tell the MLS story in a way that benefits all of us. Use this infomation in your client presentations, on your social media sites, and even in your listing slides. You can download the marketing assets below!

Campaign Marketing Assets

Click here to download a zip file with all campaign assets.

Or click on the links below to download each asset individually.

Campaign Guide

Loads of ideas, scripts, and email templates you can use to enhance your business, and show your value as a professional agent.

Shareable Campaign Website

Share the campaign website after meeting with new clients to help them understand, and value, what your MLS does. Campaign Page

We’ve added a section to explaining the benefits of the MLS. This section will remain on the site permanently for consumers to reference.

In The Know Logos

Download In The Know™ logos you can use the promote the campaign (and yourself).

Shareable/Embeddable Videos

These videos are great for emails, to use on your website, or to use on your social media accounts.

Flyer Templates

Use these flyers to spread the word. These flyers are great print or email pieces.

Listing Presentation Slides

Add these slides to your presentations to show sellers how you use the MLS to serve them.

Zoom Backgrounds

Click here for Zoom background instructions.

Facebook Banners

Facebook Posts

Instagram Posts

Twitter Posts

REIN TV Commercials

To help us spread the word about REIN MLS and how being a member enhances your value, we've created television commercials. These commercials will begin running in our market on March 29, 2021. Watch below!

Commerical 1 – For Buyers

Commerical 2 – For Sellers