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The Hampton Roads Multiple Listing Service

Phishing Warning

Phishing Email Scam

A member recently reported a phishing scam. She has received multiple calls from other agents regarding the email she sent about an offer on their listings... Only problem is that she never sent any emails or offers!

Hackers often hijack a real person's email account and send emails to names in the Contacts list. These phishing emails can contain links to attached documents or web addresses that, if clicked on, release a devastating virus on your computer.

Just a reminder, NEVER click on an unknown link - be it on a website or in an email. If you receive an unexpected email with an attachment or link, do not click! Verify it's authenticity first by contacting the agent on the other end. A simple phone call could save you money, time, and headache! Even if the subject line is as enticing as "Purchase Offer" - unless the other agent has already spoken to you and said an email would be following, verify before opening!