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The Hampton Roads Multiple Listing Service

Limited Showing Instructions Update

With Governor’ Northam’s recent announcement that Virginia will ease COVID-19 related restrictions at the beginning of March, REIN will fully reinstate Rule 4.1.7 Limited Showing Instructions. The temporary adjustments to the rule that were implemented at the start of the pandemic are no longer applicable.

4.1.7 Limited Showing Instructions: All listings that are entered into the REIN System must be available for showing by other Broker Members and Licensees as of the List Date. Showing instructions such as “Do Not Show Until (future date)” are not permitted. Taking a listing and holding it until it is ready to be shown is against REIN Rules and Regulations and will result in a Pocket Listing fine. Having such a listing or placing excessive showing limitations on a listing may result in a Pocket Listing fine.

All members should continue to adhere to guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) during showings. Should you have any concerns about COVID-19 related liability, we encourage you to use REIN’s COVID-19 Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. This form is also available on Instanet.

For questions regarding this rule or listing language, please contact your broker or reach out to REIN’s Listings Department at