Zooming into a specific timeframe on the Domus Analytics Dashboards

On the Weekly Trends and Market Insights dashboards, you can zoom into a desired time frame by left-clicking and holding your mouse at your starting point, and then dragging your mouse across the dashboard to your end point and releasing the mouse. The chart will then zoom in on your desired time frame. To get back to the default time frame, simply click the “Reset Zoom” link that appears in the top right corner of your graph.

On the Pricing Insights dashboard, the black vertical line represents the median settled price while the black horizontal line represents median price per square foot. The intersection of those 2 lines represents them middle of the market. To zoom in on this graph, left-click and hold your mouse on your desired starting point, then drag your mouse up or down and across to create box. When you release the mouse, the dashboard zooms into that portion of the graph within the box.