What to do if your keybox is not responding and you are unable to remove it

If you are unsuccessful in opening the shackle code or key container, please contact REIN’s Customer Service Department at 757-531-7903 while you are at the keybox. REIN staff will troubleshoot with you to try and open the keybox.

If it is after hours you may contact Supra Support at 877-699-6787 (8am-10pm, 7 days a week). Supra Support can assist with troubleshooting. If they determine the box is defective they will provide you with a reference number. Provide this number to REIN’s Customer Service department for removal of the box.

REIN works with a contractor to remove unresponsive/dead boxes from properties. Usually the box is removed within 72 hours of the request.

NOTE: Do not put items such as plastic rings, rubber bands, and paper tags in the key container as they may jam the box. Also, do not place a keybox in an area or on an object above your head (i.e, porch light, tree branch, etc.) keys may not communicate with the box. The contractor may also have trouble reaching the shackle with cutters if he is needs to remove the keybox. REIN recommends that the Listing Agent keep a spare copy of all listing keys in case of keybox failure.