Using the Accept Counteroffer tool in Authentisign

This feature should be used with caution!

When you are setting up an Authentisign submission, one of the options you can select is “Accept Counteroffer”. This feature allows your signers to make edits to contracts during the signing process using the built-in Markup tools. A summary can be added for each markup made to a form, though they are not required. Once counteroffer edits have been made, everyone has to re‐sign their initials next to each Markups and any summaries added to the markups will appear.

  • In Step 1: Details of the Authentisign wizard, make sure Sign In-line is selected.
  • Once Sign In-line has been selected, check the box labeled Accept Counteroffer. This option will not be available if Simul-Sign is selected.
  • Continue with Steps 1-4 as normal.

Each signer will now have a Counteroffer button available during the signing process, and the user can take advantage of the Markup tools to edit the form. Initial boxes will be placed on the document for all signers to initial next to the markups. The agent (or creator of the signing) will be notified of the changes, who made them, and will have to review and accept each counteroffer submission. Keep in mind that every time a counteroffer is made, each signer has to review and accept the changes, which could be a cycle.

*Please note, if the Accept Counteroffer box is selected, it will remain selected the next time you start an Authentisign submission. Please remember to uncheck the box when not needed.