Upload required listing documents in Instanet

The steps vary slightly for Agents and Admins. A transaction must first be created for the listing. For more information regarding creating a listing transaction, please see the "How do I create Listing Transactions (as an Agent or Admin)?" Q&As.

1. On the Documents screen, click the Add button to display uploading options.

  • Create Fax-Back cover sheet: Fax documents into the system.
    • Type a Header (name of the document, e.g. AICUZ, DPOR, LEAD, etc.), and click Save & Download.
    • Print the cover sheet.
    • Fax to the 888 number provided.
  • Add new document: Upload electronic copy.
    • Upload from Device/Computer: Click the blue box to browse your computer. Locate and choose the document you wish to upload. Click Open. You can drag files to the blue box instead, if preferred.
    • Copy from DocBox: Import documents from the available folders and click Save.
    • Import from Third Party: Log into programs such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and box.
    • Email Upload: Email the document to the email address provided.

2. Click the hollow, blue star located to the right of the document.

3. Choose the correct Document Type from the drop down menu provided. Be sure to choose the List-side document title when attempting to connect required documents to a listing in the MLS. These titles have preset system permissions as safe-guards to prevent you from sharing confidential documents such as the Standard Listing Agreement (SLA). However, you must choose “MLS Agent View” in order to make documents such as LEAD, AICUZ and DPOR visible to members of the MLS.

4. Click the blue "Update" button when finished. You should then have a solid blue star. Each required document needs to have a solid blue star following the same steps as above.

**Please confirm all appropriate documents that need to be visible on the MLS have fully shaded blue stars before moving on to the next transaction or your next task.**

Once the document has been uploaded and is linked to the listing, if you wish to set the document back to a Private permission, click the blue star to recall the previous pop-up menu. Change the radio button back to "Private" and click the blue "Update" button again to save. This will revert the fully shaded blue star back to a hollow, blue star. Documents with hollow, blue stars will not be viewable to members of the MLS.

If you wish to rename the document once it has been uploaded, click the stop light icon located to the right of the document name, and choose Properties/Rename. Give the document a new name and click the blue Rename button to save. If you wish to delete a document, click the stop light icon located to the right of the document name, and choose "Delete". As a reminder, the stop light icon can also be used to preview or download the document, email or fax the document using the send option, copy or move to another location, slice the document or use the markup tools, revise the document, add notes, and display a history of the document.

Important note for Admin staff: When finished, turn off the impersonation feature by clicking on the blue hand icon located in the red header at the top of the screen.


Help Document: Guide for Uploading Documents