Upload a property photo for your listing

All Residential and Rental properties in REIN's MLS system are required to have at least one photo. Failure to upload at least one photo within the first 5 business days of the listing input date can result in a $50 charge to the agent. This charge is a progressive fee for outlying areas where the photographer does not travel. If you choose to only upload one photo of the property, it must be of the property for sale, and should be an exterior shot of the front of the home.

Matrix allows for up to 50 photos (as of September 5th, 2018). Duplicate photos should not be uploaded to the same listing. To ensure your listing is the best it can be on third party sites and on Matrix photo reports, it is important to prioritize your photos by putting the most important photos at the top of the list. Matrix also allows the user to upload photos prior to making a listing live. This step is always recommended and ensures your listing is fully packaged before it hits the market. Members are encouraged to come to training or to call REIN’s Listings and/or Tech Support Departments to learn more about this feature of Matrix.

As a reminder, photos are public and therefore increase the agent’s liability! Avoid uploading pictures that include pets, kids, legible license plates, military metals, etc. as these photos are included in the listing syndication process and get sent to several website channels that are viewable by the general public. In addition, real estate signs where the company logo, company name, agent’s name or agent’s contact information is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply could result in a $100 branded photo violation.

Although not required, it is always recommended to upload photos for other property types such as Commercial and Land/Farm if the listing is going into the MLS.