Unassign a Keybox from your Listing

Via Matrix:

  1. Pull up the listing in Matrix
  2. Click on the icon near the top of the listing that looks like a keybox with a minus (-) sign
  3. Enter the keybox serial number & shackle code
  4. Click Save

Via SupraWEB:

  1. Log into your SupraWeb account
  2. Select Listings from to top Navigation bar
  3. Click the serial number of the keybox to be unassigned from listing
  4. When keybox settings is displayed, click Unassign Listing from the Action box on the left, a popup window will be displayed, choose OK to unassign

Via eKEY app:

  1. Open eKEY app
  2. Tap My Keyboxes
  3. Tap on the keybox you wish to unassign
  4. Tap Edit Keybox Data
  5. Delete the MLS number & Address
  6. Tap Save
  7. Tap Update