Taking advantage of REIN.com as a buyer's agent

Promoting REIN.com as a Buyer’s Agent is a great way to have a web presence, if you don’t have one already. Even if you do have a website or send listings through the Matrix Client Portal, some Clients naturally search for information outside of what you provide them. Introducing REIN.com as a reliable resource benefits any Consumer or Client as frustration often start from other sites being out of date or misinformed.

Yes, REIN.com promotes listings and sends leads to the Listing Agent free of charge. But, Consumers and Clients deserve to know the most accurate listing information. Inventory is low and the best homes are moving quickly… some even before they make it through the syndication process.

How do you keep my lead? First, get a Buyer Broker signed. Then, text them a link to REIN.com and check in often to ensure they contact you if they find the home of their dreams. If they find a home they like on REIN.com, a simple tap or click on “Share This” can send the listing directly to your email.