Releasing the Shackle from the Keybox to place on a Listing

Each keybox has a shackle code that releases the shackle for installation or removal of the keybox at a listing.

To release the shackle using the eKEY:

  1. Open the eKEY app
  2. Select the Open Shackle icon
  3. Enter the 4-digit shackle code
  4. Select a Reason for shackle release
  5. If you would like the keybox to show up in the My Keyboxes section, click on the circle next to Add to my keybox inventory
  6. Turn on the keybox’s Bluetooth by pressing up on the key container
  7. Tap Begin on the eKEY
  8. When the Success! message is received, hold the iBox BT LE and push down firmly on the top of the shackle, then pull up on the shackle to completely remove it
  9. To replace the shackle into the keybox, line up the shackle with the iBox BT LE and push down until it clicks into place

NOTE: When placing a keybox on a listing please be sure to leave enough room between the shackle and the doorknob to press the shackle down. This will ensure that you will be able to remove the keybox from the listing. Do not place the keybox on any type of utility fixture including gas meters or water spigots.