Receive Showing Notifications for your Keyboxes

To receive showing notifications your keyboxes must be added to your inventory in SupraWEB. Please see How do I add keyboxes to my Inventory?

To receive showing notifications via email:

  1. Login to your SupraWeb account
  2. Click on Settings then General Email settings
  3. Verify that your email address is correct
  4. Under Showing Emails chose how often you would like to receive showings reports
  5. Check the box next to “Send me beginning and estimated end of showing notifications for all keyboxes in my inventory”

eKEY Users: Once the keybox is in your inventory, showing messages automatically display in the eKEY software whenever a keybox in the inventory is opened. The iBox records the date and time the property was shown and the showing agent’s name and company. The Agent’s contact information is available as well by clicking on the phone icon. View the showings details by tapping on the yellow Showing Notifications bar in your app and selecting the keybox serial number to view the showing activity.

NOTE: Keep reports accurate by making sure the listing ID is current when you place a keybox on a listing or remove it from the listing.