Obtaining keyboxes for your listed properties

REIN iBoxes are leased and issued to Keyholders based on the following criteria:

  • Active Residential listings and Rental listings, Pending listings (with an off market date within 90 days prior to keyholder’s request for the keybox) within the MLS System
  • Listings eligible for a keybox must indicate a keybox type of REIN Lockbox
  • The keyholder must be the Primary Listing Agent (not LA2)

Keyholders must have a REIN issued key or have their non-REIN key cooperated in to the system with full access. Keyholders may come to any REIN office to be issued a keybox. Listing Agents may appear in person or send an assistant, runner, or partner provided the signed iBox Authorization Letter is on file. Keyholders may also obtain a keybox from another keyholder, provided the Keybox Transfer Form is signed by both parties and submitted to REIN for processing.

REIN also has iBox BT LE boxes for sale. Please contact REIN’s Customer Service Department for pricing and availability.