Obtaining an Authorization Code for your eKEY

The eKEY software must be authorized before it can be used. To authorize the eKEY software an authorization code is required.

If it is your first time downloading the app, you will need to sign a lease agreement and have a serial number issued to you. REIN will issue the authorization code at this time. (issuance and quarterly fees apply)

Additionally, if you upgrade or change phones, or if your phone or app has updated, you will need a new Authorization Code.

You can obtain the Authorization code by following the on screen instructions and selecting the option “I need to request an authorization code.” Enter your phone number or email address and 4-digit PIN to be sent a quick link which will automatically populate the code fields with your authorization code.

Additionally you may obtain an authorization code by logging into SupraWEB and selecting the Authorization Code from the Quick Links box in the upper left-hand side of the page. You can also contact REIN’s Customer Service Department at 757-531-7903.

If a screen does not appear in app for you to enter the Authorization Code, tap More > About eKEY App > Reset Authorization. Enter the code, and accept the agreements. The app will authorize and update.