Manually obtaining an update code for your eKEY

In the event that your key cannot automatically update, you can manually obtain an update code for your key that will update it for the day.

There are 3 ways to get an update code for your Key:

  1. Call the KIMvoice number 1-888-968-4032. You will be asked to enter your key serial number (found at the top of the screen within your eKEY app) and your 4-digit pin number
  2. Call REIN’s Customer Service Department at 757-531-7903 to retrieve a code
  3. Log onto your SupraWeb Account either via the mobile app or on a computer and select the update code option

To Update the eKEY:

  1. In your eKEY app, tap on More > About eKEY APP > Emergency Update Code
  2. Enter in the code and click Update
  3. Once updated a Key Updated message will appear. Tap OK and your key is ready to use

If you tried to open your eKEY app and all you are getting is a circle that keeps going around on the display, then your phone is caught in a loop of trying to unsuccessfully update automatically.

  • iPhone users: Go into your phone’s settings, select eKEY and toggle off Cell Data
  • Android users: Go into your phone’s settings, select General > Application Manager > eKEY icon > Force Stop

Go back into the eKEY app and the spinning circle should be gone. Tap on More > About eKEY > scroll down to Emergency Update Code and enter the code you received. This should update the key for the day.

iPhone users: Don’t forget to go back into your phone settings to turn back on Cell Data.