Making work for you

We are so glad you share our excitement! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into - and will continue to power - Here are a few ways to leverage to succeed for you.

  1. Use as your new “front door” to the MLS. Log in at for all MLS Products & Services. The site traffic boosts in the search engines putting our real-time listings and our local Agents at the top of aConsumer's internet search. needs to be found with ease, and you can make that happen!
  2. Upload quality photos to your listing before making it live in the MLS. When Consumers see your home on, it will have everything it needs.
  3. Have an Agent profile photo and Firm logo on your listings. Brand your listings with pride! Click here to learn why maximizing your personal profile is important.
  4. Share your listing link to your Clients and to social media. This not only reminds your Client of the value of signing on with an Agent in an MLS, it also organically gets the word out. Encourage your Clients to share on their social media too! Click here to learn more about sharing your listings from
  5. It’s important to set a clear expectation for your Client. Prepare your Seller to expect their listing to appear on immediately, and on other syndicated sites within a few days.
  6. Regularly share the freshest homes for sale or rent on and position yourself as the authority.
  7. Follow up with leads from immediately. the site is only as good as your service. In order for the site to be successful, Customers need confidence! Follow up with leads from immediately. If you can’t help them, please refer them to someone who can. It’s important that we continue to strive for excellence and provide Clients with the best customer service the 757 has to offer.

Click the link below for a printer-friendly handout on how can help grow your business! - What you Need to Know