Learn how REIN.com is different from other property search sites

  • REIN.com is the Source. There is one thing that REIN.com has that no other site will ever have, the freshest listing information. All MLS listings will appear on REIN.com first. Later, REIN sends listings to other syndicators as a service to members. This allows Agents a head start to market within our local real estate community.
  • REIN.com is Yours. Leads generated by REIN.com go directly to the Listing Agent at no cost.
  • REIN.com is Local. REIN has been in the Hampton Roads community for 50 years. Consumers can trust our name, and yours as the local expert. With the REIN.com initiative, we should all strive to support each other, our local businesses, and local economy.
  • REIN.com is Unique. With unique searching capabilities including the ability to exclude criteria (eliminate “deal breakers”) and to build an Open House itinerary, it’s now a little easier for the Consumer to find their dream home. The quicker they find the home while browsing, the quicker they find you… a local expert that can help them navigate the journey of the home buying or selling process.
  • REIN.com is No Bull. Security is an important component to REIN.com. No pop-up ads - no junk - no reusing of saved contact information.
  • REIN.com is Mobile. REIN.com is exceptionally compatible with mobile and tablet devices, using responsive design as oppose to a potentially buggy application that users will need to remember to update regularly. 90% of REIN.com Home Shoppers are searching from their mobile devices while on-the-go (2/1/2020).

Click the link below for a printer-friendly handout on how REIN.com can help grow your business!

REIN.com - What you Need to Know