How to write a listing description

The majority of homebuyers start their search online. That means your listing description is your first impression. This is your chance to attract, inspire, and engage them with the idea of that particular home they are looking at being theirs. You may be no Charles Dickens, but there are still ways you can make your listing description stand out among the rest.

  1. The Introduction: Whether it’s the headline or the first sentence, the very first thing that your reader sees will set the tone for the rest of the description and ultimately determine if they will continue reading. This is your chance to hook them. Be sure to get to the point but be descriptive and use words that will evoke the emotions you want your reader to have.
  2. The Features: This is what the reader comes to see, but don’t just list the features of the home. BORING. The reader needs to be able to picture themselves enjoying the amenities of what could be theirs. For example, don’t just say that the kitchen has recently been remodeled with all new appliances. Instead, be descriptive. Say something like, “you’ll feel right at home preparing a meal in this newly renovated farmhouse-style kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances and luxury tile flooring.” Make them feel like they are stepping into the home from the comfort of their computers. REIN’s Public Remarks field allows up to 1000 characters, plenty of space to tell the story.
  3. The Conclusion: This is where you make all your writing pay off. Add a call to action in the conclusion of your description. What do you want them to do after they get the warm and fuzzies from looking at the photos and reading the description? You want them to work with you, right? Use your call to action to get them to call you or contact you in whatever form you desire. Create the sense of urgency that makes them want to pick up the phone and get you on the line now.

We urge you to be creative, descriptive, and careful not to be deceptive. And remember, don’t be stingy with the details… today’s buyers want as much information as possible about the property, and full, detailed descriptions help your property stand out from the others. Take your time and put sincere thought into the listing description in order to hook your reader and ultimately get that call that you are looking for.