How to use the Stats component within Matrix

There are 2 ways to run stat reports within Matrix: from the Stats tab, and from the Stats button at the bottom of your results screen.

Click on the Stats tab located at the top of the screen. There are 8 preset stat reports to choose from. Fill in the appropriate criteria, then select the pre-set report you’d like to run. Click the link labeled Add if you wish to add additional search criteria fields. Click Generate to run the report. Use the Customize tab to edit the X axis and Y axis. Click the Save tab to save and/or remove. Matrix will provide you with a chart based on the criteria and preset you selected. Click the Search tab to edit the criteria, if needed. The Data tab provides the data in more of a spreadsheet view that can be exported as a CSV file.

To run a stat report from a search, click on the Stats button in the Actions bar at the bottom of the Results screen. This can also be accomplished from your report view. If properties aren’t selected, clicking on the Stats button will give you 2 options: Charts and Tabular. If properties are selected, clicking on the Stats button will just provide you with 1 option, Tabular. Charts will import the search criteria into the Stats tab (as shown above) so that any of the 8 preset stat reports can be populated. Tabular provides you with a quick stat report similar to the Fusion’s “Stat” button.

View a quick tutorial on how to use the statistics feature in Matrix. A new tutorial will be posted as it becomes available.