How to use the Narrow option when viewing results

Narrow is used when you want to refine your results to just the properties that you have selected. Choose the desired properties by placing a check mark in the boxes to the left of the properties. From the Results grid or report view, click Refine at the bottom of the screen, then Narrow. Your list will be narrowed to just the selected properties. At this time, there is not an “Un-Narrow” or undo button. If you wish to recall the full list of results, this would be an appropriate time to use the back button from within the internet browser.

Important note about saving Auto-Notification emails: This tool can be used if a client wants to keep an eye on a few specific properties. From the Results grid of selected properties, click Refine, then Narrow. This will then only display the selected properties. Click Save, then New Auto-Email, and choose the appropriate options. After the auto-email has been saved, the client will only be updated on these properties. They will not get updates on any other new properties matching that criteria. This method of saving is less commonly used.