How to upload incomplete listings into Matrix using the Instanet “Listing Bridge”

As of June 2017, Instanet’s Listing Upload capability takes the extra work out of getting your listing into Matrix with the click of a button. The following step-by-step instructions and recorded webinar will provide you with an easy understanding to this simplified and seamless process.

*Please note that Agents do not need listing input rights to access and/or use the "Upload Listing" button in order to create an Incomplete listing in the MLS. However, a designated member of the office or firm with listing input rights will need to submit the listing in order to make it live in Matrix.

Click here for a step by step document outlining the process of using the Listing Upload feature.

Click here for an online tutorial on how best to use the Listing Upload feature.

For assistance with Instanet, please call the Technical Department at 757-531-7901. For assistance with the listing input module in Matrix, please call the Listings Department at 757-531-7902.