How to set up a client for auto-notification emails

To get started, hover over the Search tab, and choose the appropriate property type. Plug in your desired criteria. Please visit the “How do I search for properties using criteria (and wild cards)?” question for more information regarding entering in criteria. Once all of the criteria has been entered, click the Results tab at the top or the Results button at the bottom of your screen to review the properties on a 1-line report. The Map tab will display the results on a map.

Here are the options for saving a search for auto-notification emails:

  1. Set it and Forget it: Do not select any properties, just click Save, and then New Auto-Email. This will send all properties that match your client's criteria. The client can use their tools in the web portal (Favorites, Possibilities, Rejects and Notes) to organize the properties. This method is most commonly used.
  2. Concierge: When saving the auto-email, there is a Concierge mode that can be enabled. Concierge alerts you of new properties, but does not send them to the client automatically. This process requires you to approve the properties before the system sends them. If this option is chosen, click Save; Go to Approvals to finish. Select the properties you wish to send and click Approve Selected to send the properties straight to the web portal. New listings will appear in the Concierge widget (which only displays on your homepage if you have a search saved in Concierge mode) for you to approve or reject. This method is nice for clients that are particular about the homes they see.
  3. Narrow: If a client wants to keep an eye on a few specific properties, the Narrow tool can be used. From the Results grid of selected properties, click Refine, then Narrow. This will display only the selected properties. Click Save, then New Auto-Email. After the auto-email has been saved, the client will only be updated on these properties. They will not get updates on any other new properties matching that criteria. This method is less commonly used.

Once your plan is established, from the Results tab or report view, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. This will display 3 save options: New Saved Search, New Auto Email, and New Speed Bar Shortcut. Click New Auto Email.

When a search is saved by clicking New Auto-Email, there are a few things you need to know:

  • All required fields are highlighted in yellow.
  • The Subject line is important, as this is the link the client clicks on from their web portal.
  • When setting up auto-notification emails, Matrix assumes that you are setting your client up for the first time.
  • Matrix is designed to send all of the properties that are in the Results grid, regardless of whether they are selected. Meaning, if you save a search with 30 matches, all 30 properties will be sent to the client via the web portal.
  • Due to spamming laws, it is important that your client click on the link provided in their initial "Welcome" email, as this acknowledges their approval of future emails.

Fill out the desired fields and click Save.

Click here for a quick tutorial on the auto-email process. For more information, please attend the regularly scheduled Matrix Auto Email class offered by REIN.