How to search for a Subdivision and/or Neighborhood in Realist Tax

Follow the steps below to search by Subdivision/Neighborhood.

1. Click the link labeled Change Region in the top left corner of your screen to select the city/county you wish to search.

2. Click on the My Search tab to display the detailed search screen.

3. Locate the Subdivision field, and click on the Select From List button to load the quick look up feature.

NOTE: If you do not see Subdivision in your search, click Edit Attributes at the bottom of your search screen. Place a check mark beside Subdivision, and click the Apply. Please note that when you add a new attribute to your search, it will be placed at the bottom of your search fields so you may need to scroll down to see it.

4. When the pop up window appears, enter the name of the Subdivision and click the Magnifying Glass.

5. You may see several Subdivision names in the Available column. Cities often divide the Subdivisions into Sections and/or Phases. In order to capture all addresses in a Subdivision, you must select all of the Sections. Click the check box next to each subdivision name. This will add it to the list under Selected on the right hand side of the box. Once the Subdivisions have been added, click Apply to finish.

6. You should see all Subdivision names populate on the search screen. Click the blue Search button to run the results.


  • Realist can show up to 3,000 results at a time. Under the Search button it will show how many results will display once the button is clicked. If you wish to have less, you may refine your search (i.e. adding Owner Occupied set to No to seach for Absentee Owners.
  • If you are not getting all of the houses in your desired Subdivision, it is recommended to clear the search and draw a shape on the map around the area you wish to search. Click the Pencil icon in the upper left next to Change County to get started.