How to search Rentals in Homesnap

Multiple property types are available to search in Homesnap Pro. However, you can only search for properties for sale, or properties for rent; not both at the same time. If you would like to search for Rental properties, use the Filter option at the top of the app when viewing the map. Tap on For Rent, and make desired changes such as a range for the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or even status (i.e. For Rent, Open House, Pending or Rented). Once you have made your selections, click Apply at the bottom. You will now be able to search for strictly Rental properties. To switch back to searching for properties for sale, tap the Filter option again, tap on For Sale, and then Apply at the bottom.

*Please be advised that even though multiple property types show under the Type option for Rentals, only Detached, Townhouse and Condo will populate results for REIN’s rental listings.