How to create a CMA in Matrix

Matrix offers 2 kinds of CMA reports: a Quick CMA which is a 1-page report of quick stats, and the CMA Wizard which provides you with several CMA presentation pages that can create a full report.

The Quick CMA button opens a PDF report that displays comparable values in a tabular format. This report is great for quick numbers and is best used when presentation pages aren’t needed.

If presentation pages are needed, the CMA Wizard is recommended. After performing a search with your desired criteria, click on the Results tab. Select the properties you wish to use as comparables. It is important to select properties that are close in square footage to the subject property, as this is what helps determine a suggested list price. In the Actions menu at the bottom of the screen, click the CMA button to begin. This can also be accomplished from your Agent Full Report view. This will launch the CMA Wizard.

Click here for instructions that will help walk you through the tabs in the CMA Wizard.

Click here for a quick tutorial on how to create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) within Matrix. Learn how to enter criteria, tailor your CMA cover page, import subject property information, upload custom pages, and set selected pages as defaults. A new tutorial will be posted as it becomes available.