How to clear cookies and cache in various browsers

These steps are often needed when a program is not responding, an error message is received, or the system is back up and running but your computer is still displaying the old screen. It is first suggested to close your web browser completely or even reboot your computer. Often times, this will fix the issue and nothing else is needed. If this does not fix the problem, clearing cookies and cache would be an appropriate next step.

Before clearing your computer’s cookies and cache, be advised that sometimes this process can erase saved passwords. This will require re-entering your password when returning to a webpage where a login is essential.

Each web browser functions differently, and the steps can change with a system update. Below are links to each browser’s support page. These pages provide steps for clearing cookies and cache, among other things. If you need additional assistance from REIN Product Support, please click the blue Send Support Request button located on the left side menu and a technician will call you.