How to become a Stockholder Member

Firms may elect to join as a Stockholder member or Participant member. REIN's stock program is based on the Limited Domestic Offering as allowed by the Virginia State Corporation Commissions.

Firms desiring Stockholder eligibility must meet two (2) criteria:

  1. Must be a Virginia licensed Real Estate Principal
  2. If the Firm is a Corporation or LLC, the office must have a Principal Office in Virginia, which address is registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. If a Sole Proprietor, then must be a resident of Virginia

If electing to join as a Stockholder member, upon receipt of application REIN will provide a current VA-1, Subscription Agreement and Exhibit A for review in accordance with Virginia law. Stock purchase will be for one share of stock.

Stockholder membership includes all the services granted to Participant members and in addition provides an equity interest in REIN, allows the Principal Broker to serve on REIN's Board of Directors and vote on matters at the annual Stockholder meeting. Current Participant Members interested in converting to Stockholder Membership must be a member in good standing. Participant Member must complete the Broker Member Application and submit the purchase price for one share of stock at the then current stock purchase price.