How agents create a transaction in Instanet

There are 3 ways to create a transaction:

  • From the listing, click the Transaction Desk icon to prompt the Create Transaction pop-up window.
  • From the Agent Dashboard screen, click Create Transaction from the Transactions widget.
  • From the Transaction Desk screen, click the Add button located at the top right of the screen.

1. From the Agent Dashboard screen (Instanet homepage), locate the Transactions widget and click the link labeled Create Transaction.

2. On the Create Transaction pop-up window, fill in the appropriate information.

  • Transaction Name should be the property address (i.e.: 123 Main Street)
  • Choose a Template from the drop down menu, if needed and if available. Templates must be created prior to creating the transaction. Choose the Type of transaction.
  • Import Data can be used to import property information from Realist Tax or from the MLS system. For Realist, you will need the Tax ID number. When choosing REIN, type in the MLS Number. Please note, importing data from a listing will also import the documents from that listing. This is especially important to remember if you are relisting a property.
  • In the Add me as the field, choose your role in this transaction.
  • As the agent, it is recommended to leave the Use Wizard box checked as it guides you through steps of creating a transaction. The items typed in during the steps of the Wizard will autofill throughout your transaction. Click Create when finished.

3. Wizard Step 1 of 5: Fill out the Details screen, if desired, then click Next. This acts as your transaction cover sheet.

4. Wizard Step 2 of 5: Add Transaction Dates, if desired, then click Next.

5. Wizard Step 3 of 5: Add Contacts by clicking on the Add button, then click Next.

6. Wizard Step 4 of 5: On the Forms screen, click Add to add the appropriate forms. Choose the correct folder, click the desired forms to select, and click Add when finished.

7. Wizard Step 5 of 5: On the final step of the Wizard, Documents, click the Add button to begin uploading. If your listing forms have not been filled out completely and signed, you may not have anything to upload. Click Done to finish.

For a printer friendly version of these steps and for steps on how to upload required documents, click here.