How admins create transactions in Instanet

In order to attach required documents to a listing in Matrix, there must first be a transaction within Instanet. As an Admin, you will need to check to see if the agent has filled out their contract paperwork using Instanet. If a transaction has not been created, you will need to create one to link to the listing within the MLS system prior to uploading any documents. Once the listing has been input into Matrix, locate the External Links widget on the Matrix homepage and click Transaction Desk/Forms to launch Instanet. From the Broker Dashboard screen (Instanet homepage), find the Impersonate Agent widget. Click the appropriate agent’s name to get started.

Locate the Transactions widget on the agent's dashboard, if present. If the transaction for this property displays in the list, simply click on the name of the transaction to access it. If there is no Transactions widget on the agent’s dashboard, click the house icon (Transaction Desk) in the left side menu to view the list of transactions. If the transaction for this property is not showing in the list, the agent has not yet created the transaction using Instanet. However, it is important to have communication with the listing agent to confirm if they have already created the transaction or not.

To create a transaction, click the Add button in the top, right corner of the Transaction Desk screen, or locate the Transactions widget from the agent's dashboard, and click the link labeled Create Transaction. The Name field is required. It is recommended to use the Address and the MLS Number. Choose the appropriate Type from the drop down menu. From the Import Data drop down, choose REIN and type in the MLS Number of the listing. This step is vital to ensure the transaction links properly to the listing. Make sure the Use Wizard box is unchecked, and click Create. From the right side menu, click Documents to start uploading documents.

For a printer friendly version of these steps and for steps on how to upload required documents, click here.