How to add a Keybox to your Inventory

There are a few ways to add a Keybox to your inventory.

Via Matrix (preferred method):

  1. Pull up the listing in the system
  2. At the top of the listing screen chose the icon that looks like a keybox with a plus sign (+)
  3. Enter the serial number and Shackle Code of the box and click Save
  4. This will add the box to your SupraWeb account, associate it with the MLS number/address, and add the box to your inventory in one step

Via eKEY app:

  1. Open the ekey app
  2. Tap on My Keyboxes then Add Keybox
  3. Enter the Shackle Code of the keybox you are adding
  4. Press up on the key container to activate the bluetooth on the box. After several seconds a successful message will appear
  5. Tap the UPDATE button at the bottom of the screen to send the information to SupraWeb
  6. The box can also be added to your inventory by opening the shackle. When open the shackle make sure that Add to my keybox inventory? is checked. After opening the shackle tap the update button to update to the system

Note: To associate the box with a specific listing you will need to choose “adding on a new listing” when opening the shackle or by adding the address/MLS number under InventoryàEdit Keybox Data. Be sure to update the key after this is done. The listing must live in the REIN System and you must be at the property when assigning to a listing via your eKEY.

Via SupraWeb:

  1. Log into SupraWeb
  2. Click on Listings from the top navigation bar
  3. Click on Keyboxes from the Quick Links box on the left
  4. Click on the green house icon to the right of the box you want to assigned and enter the MLS number

Note: Box assignments done in SupraWeb or the eKEY app will not update to the MLS system, while assignments done in Matrix will update to all systems.