How to add a client to your Matrix contact list

To access active contacts, hover over the My Matrix tab and click on Contacts. Once a contact is selected, you can edit, delete, start a CMA, open client portals, and open listing carts. You can also view the active auto notifications, last portal visits, and view listings the client has recently selected on the portal. To add a new contact, click Add at the bottom, left corner of the screen and a Personal Information box will appear. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Email Address. To enter more information, click the Show All Fields button to expand the screen. Click Save when complete. Once a contact has been saved in Matrix, that client now has the ability to search the MLS listings within the Matrix Web Portal. To delete a client, simply place a check mark in the select box to the left of the client’s name, and click the Delete button.

Click here for a quick tutorial on how to add, remove, and manage your contacts within Matrix. A new tutorial will be posted as it becomes available.