How to access property keys from a Keybox

REIN issues the iBox BT LE boxes. This iBox is a low energy Bluetooth technology that can be opened by both the eKEY Basic and eKEY Professional.

The iBox communicates with the eKEY via Bluetooth.

To obtain the Key with your eKEY, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the eKEY app
  2. Tap Obtain Key and enter the 4-digit PIN code
  3. Press up on the bottom of the lockbox to turn on the Bluetooth. A red light on the iBox flashes letting you know Bluetooth is on and ready for use
  4. When prompted, press up on the bottom of the key container within 30 seconds to remove it from the lockbox. If you do not press up on the key container within 30 seconds, it will relock

Closing the Key Container:

  1. Before closing the key container, verify that all items are well inside before closing
  2. To close the container, turn it so that the compartment holding the keys is facing the front of the box
  3. Do not place any keys, cards or other items on the backside of the key container
  4. Insert the container into the bottom of the lockbox and push up on the key container until it clicks and latches

NOTE: It is highly recommended that the Listing Agent always have a spare set of keys as keys can become jammed in the key container if not properly inserted back into the key container. Do not include items such as rubber rings, paper clips, rubber bands or paper type tags in the key containers. These items can jam in the key container.