How to access Data Co-Op reports

Click on the red Co-op icon from any listing within Matrix. This will launch Data Co-op, with that property pinned on the map.

To access the Data Co-op reports, locate the Property Reports widget:

  1. Subject Property Summary Report creates a shortened PDF report for basic information.
  2. Subject Property Detail Report creates a more extensive PDF document including tax information, mortgage origination, last market sales, etc.
  3. RealAVM Report provides an Automated Valuation Model based on a Confidence Score range of 60 – 100 in which determining factors include, but are not limited to sales data, property information, and comparable sales.
  4. Listing & Market Activity Report provides market statistics for the zip code of the property, estimated property value, last market sale, and site and location information.
  5. DC Property Consolidated Report allows for personalization and generates as a PDF.