Email, print or save reports in Data Co-Op

All reports in Data Co-Op are generated in PDF format. To generate the reports, click on the words Property Reports at the top of the Property Reports pod. You will have a list of report options to choose from. Simply check the boxes next to each section you would like to include in the report you are generating.

To Email the report(s), enter the recipient’s email address in the Send to Email Address field, and then click Send Email. You may make edits to the Subject and Message fields before sending if you wish.

To Print or Save the report(s), click the Preview Report button. This will generate a new tab or window with a PDF of the report pages you selected. From the PDF that is generated, you are able to print it out or save it. This will depend on the browser you are using, but most browsers have a tool bar that will appear at the top of the page when you click anywhere within the report or hover your mouse over the page. There are print and save icons located in the pop-up toolbar. You may also use keyboard shortcuts to print and/or save. On Windows computers, Ctrl+P will print, and Ctrl+S will save. On Apple computers, Command+P will print, and Command+S will save.