Delete a Keybox from your Inventory

The keybox must first be unassigned from the listing. 

Via Matrix:

  1. Pull up the listing in Matrix
  2. Click on the icon near the top of the listing that looks like a keybox with a minus (-) sign
  3. Enter the keybox serial number & shackle code
  4. Click Save

Via SupraWeb:

  1. Log into SupraWeb
  2. Select Listings from the top navigation bar
  3. Select Keyboxes from the Quick Links box on the left
  4. Click on the red [X] to the right of the keybox you want to delete

Via eKEY app:

  1. Open eKEY app
  2. Select My Keyboxes
  3. Swipe left on the keybox you’d like to delete
  4. Tap the red Delete button that appears to the right of the box number
  5. Tap the Update button

Note: Deleting a keybox from your inventory DOES NOT remove it from the list of assigned keyboxes in REIN’s admin system. In order for the box to be removed from your list of assigned keyboxes, please return the keybox to any REIN office or if transferring it to another agent, complete the iBox Transfer Form and submit it to REIN for processing. As a reminder, there is a $125 replacement fee per keybox for lost/misplaced keyboxes.