Customize your results grid

Once your criteria has been entered, click on the Results tab located next to the Map tab at the top of your screen. The RES 1-Line Results grid provides information for each listing such as photos, map location, Status, Change Type, List #, Address, Subdivision, Date List, etc. You can access listing history, required documents, Data Co-op reports, Realist Tax information, and many other products by clicking on the appropriate icons to the right or each property.

The Display dropdown, located at the top, right of your screen allows you to toggle between different system reports, such as the Agent Full, Agent Summary, Client Full, Consumer Handout, etc. You can also view the Agent Full by clicking on the MLS number within the List # column.

To rearrange your column order, left click and hold in the gray area of the header name you wish to move. Slowly drag and drop them to a preferred location. To remove a column, insert a new column, change the alignment, auto-fit the header name or wrap the text, double click on the header name and you will be prompted with a pop up menu. Click Apply to finish. To sort the results by ascending or descending order, simply left click on the column header. For more extensive sorting options, click the Refine button at the bottom of the Results grid and click Sort. To save this grid for future use, click on the paper icon to save a copy or the gear icon to set it as your default view below the Results tab.