Create driving directions in Matrix

Fortunately, Matrix does the work for you when it comes to mapping out driving directions. Check the boxes of the desired properties on the 1-line Results grid or the report view, then click the blue Directions button on the bottom of the screen. Matrix will provide turn-by-turn directions starting with the property furthest away. To change the order of the driving directions, hover over the properties on the right side of the map, and hold down the left button of your mouse as you drag the properties to their desired location. Once the properties are in your preferred order, click the blue Directions button below the map to repopulate.

If you would like to add a start and/or stop location (e.g. start at your office or end at your office), click the Add Start and/or Add Stop buttons under the properties to get started. Enter the address in the box that appears below Enter Address. You should only need to type the street number, street name and street suffix. City, state and zip code are usually not required. Once you have typed the preferred address, press Enter on your keyboard, and then click the Directions button under the map.

Click the Print button to print your turn-by-turn directions, or use the Email button to send the directions to your client’s Matrix portal.