Check the status of an Authentisign submission

There are a few ways to review existing Authentisign submissions:

  1. Click the “pen” icon on the left side menu to display a list of all of your signings, whether they are a part of a specific transaction or not.
  2. From the Agent Dashboard, use the Authentisign widget to scroll through a list of your submissions. You may also use the “Go to Signings” link at the bottom of this widget to view them all.
  3. From within a transaction, use the Authentisign widget, or click “Signings” from the right-side transaction menu.

Click here for a brief tutorial that demonstrates reviewing AuthentiSign submissions.

When viewing your submissions, your options will be different depending on the status of the signing.

  • The gear wheel icon represents a signing that is still in the Wizard, meaning you have not completed the 4 steps of setting up the signing. Clicking on a submission with a gear wheel icon will launch the Authentisign Wizard and allow you to pick up where you last left off. Click here to view a tutorial on the 4 Step AuthentiSign Wizard.
  • The lightning bolt icon represents a signing that is in progress. You have completed the setup and sent out invitation emails to participants who need to review and/or sign. Clicking on a with a lightning bolt icon will display all participants included in this signing. You can edit a participant’s email address and re-send out the invitation email, if needed. You are also able to see who has signed already, and who has not yet signed. The checkered flag symbol indicates that an action has been completed, and a clock symbol indicates an action that is still waiting to be completed. Note that both the Authenticated and Signed columns must show a checkered flag before a participant has completed their part of the process.
  • The circle with a slash icon represents a signing that has been rejected. One of your participants rejected the submission for some reason, thus killing the signing. If this occurs you will be notified by email. You can make edits to the document(s) and start a new Authentisign submission if you still need to have it signed.
  • The ribbon icon will appear next to any submission that is Approved. Once all parties have signed and reviewed the documents, the ribbon will display and the signing is complete. A final copy with all of the signatures on it will be sent by email to all participants once it has been completed. If your AuthentiSign submission was part of a specific transaction, the signed documents will automatically upload to the Documents section of the transaction.