Available information from dashboards in Domus Analytics

Market Insights – This dashboard is the most comprehensive and complete, and will most likely be used by productive agents managing clients daily. With this tool, you’ll be able to drill down to compare areas and market segments that meet your clients’ needs.

Pricing Insights – This component of Domus is a hyper-local analysis of recent pricing, inventory, and market activity. It helps visualize how a specific listing is priced relative to the rest of the market.

Market Review – This dashboard is great for a grab-and-go! It’s printable, so your clients can enjoy this one-page statistics summary highlighting trends for the last 13-months. It may replace PDF reports you currently rely on.

Weekly Trends – This component of Domus provides a more granular view of the market than monthly stats. You’ll love the week-over-week trends that support your content in this rapidly changing market.