Available IDX service options

There are multiple IDX options explained below.

1. Are you looking for a frameable IDX link to incorporate with your current website through a third-party vendor? If so, this can be done in Matrix. Please follow the steps listed below to learn how to create a frameable link to provide to your third-party vendor.

  • Access Matrix via the homepage of reinmls.com. Once in Matrix, hover over the “My Matrix” tab.
  • Choose “Settings” at the bottom of the “My Matrix” menu.
  • Next, choose “IDX Configuration”.
  • On the “IDX Configuration”, page choose “Create a New IDX Page” from the list next to “Select IDX Page” to start the process of creating various frameable links.
  • Then, follow the next sections by choosing the IDX Type:
    • Search is the option for a general search, address search or search by specific property type with Display options.
    • My Listing Query is either My Listings, My Office Listings or My Firm Listings and has display options.
    • Map Search is similar to the map search in the portal and has map area options.
  • The page may be previewed by choosing the Preview tab in the upper right and corner of this page.
  • To activate the created IDX page, choose “IDX Enabled”.
  • Click “Save”.
  • The URL information in the “HTML” box under Activation, is the information to provide to the third-party vendor.

2. Are you looking for an alternative third-party vendor option for IDX or other data requests? If so, please click the following link to visit the Vendors with a REIN Data Feed page on REINMLS.com. If you do not see your preferred vendor on the list, there are instructions on this page on how to make the vendor available to REIN members. Third-Party Vendors | REIN MLS

Explanations of current Data Feeds for IDX, VOW, Analytic or BMO are available here.