Available IDX service options

There are multiple IDX options explained below.

1. Are you looking for a frameable IDX link to incorporate with your current website through a third-party vendor? If so, this can be done in Matrix. Please follow the steps listed below to learn how to create a frameable link to provide to your third-party vendor.

  • Access Matrix via the homepage of reinmls.com. Once in Matrix, hover over the “My Matrix” tab.
  • Choose “Settings” at the bottom of the “My Matrix” menu.
  • Next, choose “IDX Configuration”.
  • On the “IDX Configuration”, page choose “Create a New IDX Page” from the list next to “Select IDX Page” to start the process of creating various frameable links.
  • Then, follow the next sections by choosing the IDX Type:
    • Search is the option for a general search, address search or search by specific property type with Display options.
    • My Listing Query is either My Listings, My Office Listings or My Firm Listings and has display options.
    • Map Search is similar to the map search in the portal and has map area options.
  • The page may be previewed by choosing the Preview tab in the upper right and corner of this page.
  • To activate the created IDX page, choose “IDX Enabled”.
  • Click “Save”.
  • The URL information in the “HTML” box under Activation, is the information to provide to the third-party vendor.

2. Are you looking for an alternative third-party vendor option for IDX or other data requests? If so, please click the following link to visit the Vendors with a REIN Data Feed page on REINMLS.com. If you do not see your preferred vendor on the list, there are instructions on our Third-Party Vendors page on how to make the vendor available to REIN members.

Explanations of current Data Feeds for IDX, VOW, Analytic or BMO are also available.