Accessing signed copies of documents in Authentisign

Click here for a brief tutorial that demonstrates how to review and print AuthentiSign submissions.

If your Authentisign submission was part of a specific transaction, the signed documents will automatically upload to the Documents widget within that transaction. Once you open the transaction, you should see a Transaction Menu along the right side of your screen. If this menu is not visible, click the horizontal 3 green lines in the upper right hand corner of the screen to display it. Select “Documents” from the Transaction Menu. Any documents in this list that have a green padlock icon were signed using Authentisign. Click the circle to the right to mark desired forms with a check mark, which places them in the basket at the top of the list. You can also click the circle next to the basket which selects all the documents and places them all in the basket. Click on the basket to display the titles of the selected forms. At the top of the window, there are action icons that allow you to print, save, and email the forms, among other options.

If your Authentisign submission was not part of a specific transaction, the process is a little different. Click the “pen” icon from the left side menu, then click the Authentisign submission you wish to print. Towards the bottom of the screen you will see a “Separate Signed Documents” section. All of the final, signed copies will be listed here as PDF files. Clicking the title of a document will open a preview window. To print, click “View as PDF” to open the file, and then print the PDF as your normally would.