About Supra's SupraWEB agent website

SupraWEB is the Agent website, available at www.SUPRAEKEY.com or through www.REINMLS.com:

  • Identify the name of a keyholder by key serial number
  • Manage the iBox BT LE inventory and listing information
  • View, email and schedule activity reports
  • View and send showing feedback
  • Obtain an update code
  • Obtain an authorization code for your ekey
  • Change the PIN code
  • Set up alert notifications

To access SUPRA’s website:

  1. From the homepage of www.REINMLS.com, click on the Products tab, then SupraWeb. This will launch the SupraWEB site
  2. Enter your Key Serial Number & PIN. Your Key Serial Number can be found on the back of the XpressKEY or at the top of the screen in your ekey application
  3. By Association/MLS, select VA-Real Estate Information Network from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Login

For training guides and videos, please visit SupraWeb Resources