About REIN.com

REIN.com is REIN’s consumer-facing website that launched in the later part of 2019. REIN.com is 100% focused on Hampton Roads real estate and the site provides Consumers with real-time MLS data, straight from the source. REIN.com is being heavily promoted and advertised in an effort to keep real estate local. REIN members stand to benefit from greater exposure, a more educated community, and free leads. Yes, that’s right. Free leads!

Here’s how it works: All MLS listings will appear on REIN.com first. Later, REIN sends listings to other syndicators as a service to members. This allows Agents a head start to market within our local real estate community.

For the home shopper, the site is a reliable resource for the most accurate and up-to-date listing information in the Hampton Roads area. As a Consumer finds a home they are interested in, the site prompts them to call the Listing Agent, reach out to the Broker, or Share that listing with friends or family members. This direct link back to the Listing Agent helps keep the lead in local hands. REIN.com leads the Consumer directly to YOU, at no cost, and with no advertisements. Click here to learn more about the importance of sharing your listings from REIN.com.

REIN.com is for you. And, as the site evolves and becomes more of a household name, we will continue to make sure that our members and our Hampton Roads buying and selling community remain the focus.

Click the link below for a printer-friendly handout on how REIN.com can help grow your business!

REIN.com - What you Need to Know