About the My Matrix tab

The My Matrix tab is located at the top of your Matrix Homepage. This tab provides a drop down menu with quick links to your Contacts, Auto Emails, Saved Searches, Sent Emails, My CMAs, My Information, My Listings, My Speed Bar Shortcuts, and My Portal Greeting. It is recommended to begin with your My Matrix tab. You can learn a lot about the program by spending some quality time here. To customize your contact information and portal information, hover over the My Matrix tab and click on My Information. It is also recommended to create a portal greeting that appears on every Matrix Web Portal. Hover over the My Matrix tab and click My Portal Greeting. Type your message in the large text box and click Save. Remember to keep this message generic because it will be seen by all of your clients. No message will display if your Portal Greeting is left blank. You may also upload a photo here, if desired.

View an online tutorial.