About the Matrix Web Portal

The Matrix Web Portal is your client’s one-stop shop for all listing information. Anything you send to your client through Matrix; CMAs, direct emails, auto-email properties, concierge properties, statistic, will be available on the portal.

The Matrix Web Portal revived an update in September of 2017 to include more modern headers and footers, responsive designs for mobile use, a better search screen for your clients, and notification options to alert the agent when a client has activity on the portal.

To set up your portal, log into Matrix, hover over the “My Matrix” tab, and click “Setting”. Under the My Information section, it is recommended to visit each link for proper set up of the portal and the new enhancements. Click “Portal Notification Settings” to set your personal alerts for immediate emails, text messages, or daily email notifications.

Register for any of REIN’s Matrix Client Portal classes to learn more!