About the Homesnap Safety Timer Feature

The Safety Timer feature is only available in Homesnap Pro as an emergency tool for agents. This feature may be helpful when you are hosting an Open House alone or going to show a property to someone you have not met before. Once you select your emergency contacts in the app, you can set the timer to expire in 5 minutes or up to 24 hours. The Safety Timer feature is available for any property within 2,000 feet of your current location, whether on the market or not.

Here is how the Safety Timer works:

  • Once you set the duration of the timer, it will specify the exact time your emergency contacts will be notified.
  • You can add 10 minute increments (up to 24 hours), or stop the timer before the time expires.
  • The timer will continue running even if the battery dies on your device.
  • Once the timer expires, a text message will be sent to your selected emergency contacts of the location where you started the timer, and inform them to contact you or 911.

Distress Alert:

If you are truly in need of help, press the Distress Alert button to send a text alert to your emergency specifying you are in distress and the location where you started the timer. You have approximately 10 seconds to cancel the distress alert once you tap it.


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