About the Data at the Door feature

Data at the Door is integrated into the eKEY app and gives the showing Agent access to real-time data as they enter a property. When a key container is opened, the eKEY retrieves the keybox serial number and the GPS coordinates. If the keybox is assigned to a listing, the listing information is displayed. If the keybox is not assigned to a listing the eKEY uses the GPS coordinates to retrieve all listings within 100 meters. The Agent can select the address of the keybox they opened to display data at the door.

  • View real-time Data at the Door, including listing data plus a listing photo and current property notes
  • Data displays automatically when keybox is opened
  • Listing Agents can provide last-minute instructions to showing agent about the property without visiting the property*
  • Buyer’s Agents view the latest showing notes as they enter the property
  • Most recent data at the door is stored in eKEY app for easy reference later in the showing

*eKEY Basic subscribers can add showing notes though SupraWEB, while eKEY Professional subscribers can add showing notes thorough SupraWEB or the eKEY app.