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REIN has partnered with Lone Wolf Technologies to develop our NEW! app. Below, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions. Please refer to this document when agents inquire about our new app.

Is the mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices? 

Yes! The mobile app will be available to download for free in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. 

How often is property info updated? 

In general, listings are updated every 15 minutes or so in the mobile app and come directly from our REIN MLS data feed. 

What powers this mobile app? Why should contacts download our app instead of a national brand name alternative? 

The data that powers our app is one of its best features! While home buyers may be more familiar with national home search apps, many times the data found in those apps come from syndicated data from ListHub partner websites (and not from a direct feed from the MLS), which is restricted by broker and/or corporate preferences. Using the REIN MLS branded mobile app ensures that every-one in our market can search with confidence knowing that they’re seeing accurate information on all of the listings available in the area. 

Why did REIN decide to offer a mobile app? 

Our goal with is to increase leads and lead generation opportunities for our members. The app is an extension of the experience. Now, consumers will have the power of on their mobile devices, with the ability to see real-time listings on-the-go. Addi-tionally, the majority of our consumers visit from a mobile device. 

How can users share the app with others, and can the default “invite” message be changed? 

In the app menu, there is a button that reads “Invite to App.” This will allow users who have down-loaded our mobile app to share it with others they may be searching with or with others they might want to recommend the mobile app to. Currently, there is no way to save a default message on your device only, which is why the language in the default message is a bit generic. However, you can customize this each time. 

Will the lead generation numbers from the app be added on the Broker Reports? 

No. and the mobile app are hosted on different platforms. We will provide reporting for each application separately. 

What is the difference between “New” and “Recently Added?” 

“New” is anything that has been listed within the last seven days while “Recently Added” displays properties listed within the last 24 hours only. 

What is the relationship between and the mobile app? Are they connected? and the mobile app are both powered by REIN MLS and the data we provide. However, they are not “connected,” since the listings are presented on two separate platforms. 

How many years of sold data does the mobile app display? 

One year. While we can see three years of data on, the mobile app displays only one year of sold data. 

As an agent will I receive leads from the mobile app? 

Yes! The mobile app will route any Request for More Information or Request for Showing on any listing to the primary agent listed on that particular listing. 

How do I upload my photo so it will show up for users of the mobile app? 

Agents can easily upload their photos via Matrix, which will allow them to show up for users of the mobile app. A video tutorial can be found here

Do I need to download the app in order to receive leads? 

No. Agents do not need to download or use the new mobile app in order to get leads from the app. Lead emails will be sent directly to the primary agent of the listing and come from

What types of leads will I as an agent receive from the mobile app? 

Agents will receive two types of leads via the app: a Request for Information and a Request for a Showing. 

How will those requests be received? 

A Request for Information will be received as an email, which is triggered when someone using the mobile app completes a “request for more information” form on a property within the mobile app. Likewise, a Request for Showing is initiated when someone completes a “request for a showing” form on a property within the mobile app. 

What if I have additional questions about the mobile app? 

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the mobile app or this FAQ. Simply contact Product Support at